We add Life to Paper
A journey of 50 years has earned us the position of a premier book printing company in India.
Quality Book Printing in India.

Established in 1950, Magic is a family held business, led by a professional team with an in-depth experience in book manufacturing business. Our Infrastructure include an array of printing presses, automated bindery and finishing machines to produce books, matching to international standards.

Magic has been consistently ranked as one of the top book printing presses and has been working with some of the finest publishers.

Plant Overview
We operate from a state of the art factory (based in Greater Noida, Near New Delhi) spread across 300,000 square feet and employing a team of 300 skilled personal. Our production facility confirm to ISO quality standards and function on an oracle based ERP workflow to manage world class efficiencies. Over the years, we have invested in new machines, technology and training our staff to stay at the forefront of our business.

Our plant has a software driven modern warehouse to store raw material and finished goods for our customers that need delivery on demand. We are located a few kilometres away from Dadri Port which is the largest international logistics port in Asia and helps us connect with all major shipping lines.

A skilled workforce of 300 in our plant
The square footage of plant.
Total books printed by us in 2020 - 30 million.
Our People
Our skilled technicians and a reliable workforce is the reason behind our quality, efficiency and on time delivery of orders. In order to attract and retain the best talent, we have invested in several work related trainings and nurture a compassionate and satisfying work environment to keep attrition to the minimum. Many of our workers have spent their entire work life dedicated to Magic and many others have worked with us for several decades.
At Magic, We believe in a responsible interaction with the environment to avoid depletion or degradation of natural resources and allow for long-term environmental quality.
Green Manufacturing
We are FSC certified and ensure our raw material comes from a responsibly managed forest. Our company also meets GRS (Global Recycle Standard) that enables us to verify the recycled content of our products (both finished and intermediate) and ensure the harmful environmental and chemical impacts are minimised.
Computer to Plate
We use CTP imaging technology in our printing process that removes the use of traditional film and reduces the use of chemicals from the prepress process.
Eco-logical Raw Material
We use Vegetable based soy inks in our print jobs in place of petrol oil based inks. Our other raw material chemicals are bought from leading companies such as Henkel and Dupont that are carbon neutral.
Waste Reduction
Our facility has an integrated ETP (waste treatment plant) to make sure the water used at our facility is treated before flowing to main sewage line. All the waste from the facility is managed by government approved agency for recycling.